Be careful with your clothes

We are not currently aware that many things that we saw common, can represent a danger to our health, as the mercury of the teeth and therefore many have removed with  silver amalgam removal Tijuana, but what about the clothes? READ MORE

Style Rules For This 2018

I know we are already in 2018, but the most beautiful and ad hoc clothing is just coming out to the stations. What style do you need to adopt that year? It’s easy, recycle a bit and buy what you’ll READ MORE

Skin Whitening For Africans

The bleaching or clearing of the skin has become a very popular phenomenon in many African countries, for which several methods are used, which usually have side effects for health. For all people regardless of skin color can be beautiful, READ MORE

Fashion And Uniforms

Nothing conquers more than a smile, that’s why many look for teeth whitening Tijuana Mexico to look good, however now fashion is in uniforms. The uniforms have always served long time to standardize the way of dressing, perform a specific READ MORE