Fashion And Uniforms

Nothing conquers more than a smile, that’s why many look for teeth whitening Tijuana Mexico to look good, however now fashion is in uniforms. The uniforms have always served long time to standardize the way of dressing, perform a specific job and also to stand out from the rest. Throughout history, fashion in work uniforms has been changing and acquiring different connotations. Surprisingly, now that everyone tries to differentiate themselves from the rest by their way of dressing, there is no better way to do it than creating a personal uniform.


What do a student in a private school and a military student have in common? That both wear a uniform that differentiates them from the rest and, in turn, makes them belong to a specific group of people. Throughout history, beyond the uniforms typical of some professions such as police, doctors, postmen, military, etc. there have been various attempts to unify the dress of society.


The totalitarian regimes have always looked after their image through their military uniforms taking into account all the details to convey an image of power and security. Uniforms provoke a response of resistance because they have that aspect of domination and control. Worse is when they are imposed and get the person to become whatever the established power wants, eliminating individual expression. Uniforms can be used and have been used throughout history to empower and empower people.


In the military sector and in other industries, badges, stripes, colors, and symbols instantly communicate to the one who sees who to treat with the highest respect and authority and who is below them. That can be as innocuous as a fast food employee with your company’s logo, but it can also be used in social situations to control groups of people, identify them and mark them. If that goes into everyday life, it’s when uniforms become dangerous.


Among young people and urban tribes is curious because many seem to wear a uniform. A hipster, for example, does not want to look like another boy but is identical to another hipster. There are, therefore, these different ideas of belonging and individuality around uniforms.


Also, not all uniforms have to be monolithic, dangerous or imposed by a specific profession. We can make them what we want them to be, create our uniform if we do not have it.


It is easy to find examples of people who created their uniform with a specific and repeated way of dressing.


For many of these people wearing uniforms, practically wearing the same clothes every day helps them to build an identity – or a suit of armor, depending on how you look at it. Also, not having to overthink each morning in front of the closet, is a gain of time and, above all, a saving in stress. Knowing that throughout the day, whatever the situation, we will be comfortable with what we wear, gives us extra security and takes away a small concern.