Be careful with your clothes

We are not currently aware that many things that we saw common, can represent a danger to our health, as the mercury of the teeth and therefore many have removed with  silver amalgam removal Tijuana, but what about the clothes? Nowadays it is one of the most polluting industries and not only for the planet, but some brands use chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. However, according to experts, the first pending issue in this industry is communication, which explains the consumer’s reluctance. For this, the key is to include the new generation of textile values, such as transparency or traceability. That is why it is very important before buying a garment to see what materials are made and if you can get information about the brand and if it is taking care of your carbon footprint.

Materials waterproofed without resorting to toxins or feathers created with recycled quilts make up the offer of this brand that, in addition, promotes whale protection projects in communities that have lived on their hunting. An added value that reverts to the planet and the economic benefits of the company itself.

Reusing agricultural waste to create natural colorants, develop biodegradable materials or create models of entrepreneurship that contemplate sustainability are some of the proposals for the future raised by these experts, who share a common interest: implement the circular economy.

The session will continue with the presentation of Elisabet Silvestre, specialist in Biohabitability, who will explain “how the clothes we wear is one more factor of habitual exposure to harmful substances in everyday life”.

The importance of technology to achieve an ethical fashion or the necessary changes to the business paradigm are other key issues of this day, which will be dismissed with a sustainable fashion show to demonstrate that, far from being a utopia, ethical clothing exists and break taboos.