Differences Between Hotel, Resort, And Condos

The need to be able to offer better services in the subject of the lodgings has done that different spaces arise that possess characteristics that distinguish them from other services. Although these differences can be evident for those who know about the subject, it can be a bit complicated for the general audience, especially for those who want to rent a space.


Starting as one of the best-known services, hotels are establishments that offer the rental of rooms according to the needs that the client may have. Something that distinguishes them is that they tend to be found in trendy areas, mainly those tourists. This with the objective that the passer-by can stay in their installations. The rooms that can be rented are different; these according to the needs of the client. There are single, double, suites, master suites, or presidential suites. Depending on the quality and the stars that it possesses, they offer additional services to the rent of space. Some rooms adapt to the economy of any person, so the prices are variants according to the location, services, and quality.


This is another category that exists and differs from hotels because apart from essential services, they tend to add more to their lists. They are characterized because we can often find them in quite open spaces and very close or located in natural tourist areas. So they are usually surrounded by green spaces such as beaches or mountains.

Although they can be located on different points, those that are in places near the sea tend to be more accessible. Activities related to space where the resort is situated or guided tours can be offered. It is not only a question of renting a lodging, but of living all the experiences that include this type of stays. In general, these are accommodations that cost more due to all the services and their location.


The companies that lend this type of accommodation have as a differentiating factor the fact that not only is a room rented as is the case with hotels or resorts, but a wider space is offered. Although it can be rented, this type of space is more focused on investors who want to own a property in a more luxurious place. So the person will be able to visit it as many days as they wish.

They are usually located in the most luxurious parts of cities, so the costs are higher, but the advantage, as mentioned, is that becomes private property. The spaces within the condominium, the decoration, tend to be of first quality.

Such is the case of the Puerto Peñasco condos, which are surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes.

Definitely, the need to be able to count on a differentiator within this competitive market such as hosting has led to the appearance of these different terms. Generally, these categories appear according to trends in society.  The fact that there are so many variants makes people have higher options for accommodation.