Everything You Need to Know About Alpaca Sweaters

Fashion-forward people seek high-quality clothing that will be in style for years to come and that nicely accommodates their desired look. For these reasons alone, alpaca sweaters are highly popular and a favorite for both men and women who want to polish their style. Before you shop for affordable alpaca sweaters, there are some things you should know about alpaca apparel. Some of these facts will help you choose an alpaca seller that actually sells the real thing, while other tidbits of information will simply lend to your appreciation of alpaca sweaters.

Make Sure the Alpaca Sweater is Authentic

Some alpaca sweater sellers like to cut corners and pass off alpaca sweaters blended with synthetic materials or sheep’s wool. As a result, you are paying top-dollar for an inferior product. Look for sellers like Invisible World that source 100% alpaca sweaters straight from Peru and Bolivia where they are hand-sheared and spun on a loom sticking to ancient tradition. When you buy alpaca sweaters void of any other types of fibers, you have a garment with high-integrity that will last you a lifetime is properly cared for.

How to Care for Alpaca Sweaters

Properly caring for alpaca sweaters is very different than what we normally think about when doing laundry. To ensure your alpaca clothing lasts for decades of wear, follow these tips on how to wash and store your alpaca sweater.

  1. Fill a clean tub with cold water and a minimal amount of mild liquid detergent. Baby shampoo is acceptable, as is any formula meant for fine fibers. Make sure the water is cold; hot or warm water can put alpaca fibers into a state of shock and destroy their integrity. Never use bleach or gentle Woolite, as these are harsh cleaners that damage alpaca sweaters.
  2. Soak the your alpaca sweater for five minutes. Then gently squeeze the suds out from the garment. Never twist or scrub alpaca sweaters; as this will agitate the fibers.
  3. Rinse your alpaca sweater twice in clean, cold water and gently squeeze out the excess water.
  4. Lay the alpaca sweater between two towels. Then roll up the towels with the garment in place and let it set for roughly three minutes.
  5. Place the the alpaca sweater on a dry towel or rack. Never hang it to dry, as the weight from the went alpaca fibers can cause the garment to stretch.
  6. If the alpaca sweater has some slight wrinkling after it has dried, lightly steam it to remove the creases.
  7. Store your alpaca sweater in a ventilated box with moth-repellent.

Alpaca Sweaters Carry a Message Men and Women can Be Proud Of

When you buy men’s alpaca sweaters and women’s alpaca sweaters, you support a number of amazing causes. Alpaca sweaters are eco-friendly because their production is done by hand according to traditional methods. No industrial pollution is emitted, and the alpaca are allowed to live in their natural environment without being restricted to pens and deprived from their grazing fields. When you buy alpaca sweaters from reputable companies, you promote sustainability. Alpaca farms in Peru and Bolivia not only produce fashionable apparel, they allow generations of families as far back as 1000 years continue to carry on their traditions while enriching their communities.

Buy alpaca sweaters for the special man or woman in your life, and take pride in high-quality fashion that can be worn for multiple occasions, at a fraction of the cost of cashmere. Alpaca sweaters are the future of superior, cost-friendly fashion!