Fashion as a boost to the economy

When it comes to looking good, the investment is necessary, and it does not weigh us down, many of us spend on beauty treatments that also result in being good for our health, as many have seen thanks to A Slimmer Me for bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico, but another The significant investments we make to look at ourselves better are in fashion.

Author fashion has increased its turnover by more than 9 percent, which is 2.9 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), according to the report presented in Madrid by the Fashion Creators Association of Spain (ACME).

Author’s design, booming.

The author’s fashion lives in constant growth, with a turnover of 442 million euros, 9.2 percent more than the previous year, representing the equivalent of 42.6 percent of the business volume of the sector specialized design in Spain.

Spanish fashion is reliable and creative, said the president of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain, which is a recognition of fashion with name and surname and its contribution to the economy.

In its second edition, the report shows that the companies that are part of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain, generated more than 5,841 jobs in 2016, which in direct employment translates into 4.5 percent more than in the previous exercise.

Sales abroad

Fashion design has generated 107.6 million euros of business in the international market, according to the same study.

The report details that the United States, France, Italy, and Japan are the primary buyers of Spanish author fashion, while Germany, Russia, China, Qatar, Mexico, and Chile are the current potential markets.

Within the area of ??electronic commerce, author design companies have sold 19.1 million euros, 4.3 percent of total sales, well above the 12 million of the previous report, which places them in the Online sales average of Spanish fashion.

The report shows that fashion designers are not only artists, but participate in the economy of the country. In addition to working as creators they manage to manage small and medium enterprises, and generate jobs.