How Do You Keep Your Bones And Teeth Healthy?

Taking special care of our body, whether in terms of food or exercise, will allow us to have a good life, but especially to maintain in perfect condition those structures vital to the body, such as bones or teeth. A bad diet or genetics can be the cause of one of the most common diseases in the population, osteoporosis, which weakens and decalcifies these two elements, causing severe damage and recurrent fractures which will be reflected in the placement of specialized devices or dental implants Tijuana.

That is why certain healthy habits or routines are indispensable for strengthening bones and teeth. Therefore, below we will mention some tips that you can implement in your life to improve your bones and avoid problems such as osteoporosis.

Strong and healthy bones and teeth

As we mentioned, implementing habits in favor of these two structures will allow us to avoid destruction and decalcification, helping bones and teeth to prevail strongly over the years.

Vitamin D

It is one of the essential sources of bones, mainly because with the help of this element, the calcium consumed in food can be absorbed appropriately, activated only under this authoritative source. That is why it is recommended to take time off to do this, at least 15 to 20 minutes a day. If this action is performed, it is necessary to use sunscreen to avoid skin burns or opt for supplements in pill format.

Be aware of the thyroid

Having problems in this part of the body can lead to various issues involving the bones and teeth, so it is necessary and essential to always monitor for imbalances in their functioning. If the gland is overworked, i.e., hyperthyroidism is present, it will cause calcium to be incorrectly absorbed, thus weakening the teeth and bones. Therefore, if you suspect this disease, it is necessary to see a doctor to treat it.

Sleeping in complete darkness

Although this point may sound a bit odd, the truth is that many studies have shown that sleeping in complete darkness helps keep bones healthy, since people who rest with a light on suffering an alteration in their circadian cycle, having direct consequences with the formation of osteoporosis. Therefore, we recommend you to sleep in a dark space.

Calcium is not the only essential mineral

Although we usually believe that to keep our bones and teeth healthy we only need to eat foods that are rich in calcium, the truth is that it is necessary to consume products that contain nutrients such as vitamin K and D. These types of nutrients encourage and improve the process that calcium carries out. On the other hand, when talking about beneficial ingredients for the correct absorption of the main mineral of these two structures, we must also take into account those that can alter their work.

Some recommended foods are legumes because they contain a high percentage of calcium and keep other parts of the body healthy. Also, eating fish with bones is an excellent source of vitamins that benefit bones and teeth, as well as green leafy vegetables.

Exercises that help gain bone mass.

Another healthy habit that should not be missed is constant exercise, especially since activity sends a signal to the brain to protect and exercise the bones more. Otherwise, the bones enter a state where they do not produce substances to strengthen these structures.