How to avoid yellow teeth

We know that dental care is of paramount importance for our teeth to be white and healthy, but many times we consume certain products that can affect our teeth without us knowing it. That’s why we’re going to give you some recommendations to avoid, so your teeth don’t lose their natural color.

Beware of Acidic Beverages

Due to the compounds contained in these drinks and the high level of acid PH, this type of liquid is more comfortable to penetrate the interior of the tooth, causing not only havoc in the color of the piece, but can also cause other damage that risk the functioning of the tooth. On the other hand, if the drink not only contains a level of acid PH but is also gaseous, it causes the tooth enamel to be damaged, causing the accumulation of these substances, which are typically sugared, to spread bacteria that are deposited on the teeth.

If you want to consume this type of product as they are juices, it is recommended that you do with the use of a straw if it is reusable better; this to not produce more pollution on the planet. It is also recommended that the person does not immediately wash the teeth; it is better to wait about 15 or 20 minutes for the natural pH level of the mouth. On the contrary, if the person immediately brushes his teeth, it will only cause the acid to be distributed to more parts and damage the protective enamel.

Coffee consumption

A large percentage of the population loves to consume this drink, but it can also bring damage to our teeth. This is why dentists make some recommendations so that people do not suffer side effects from this liquid.

Since the residues left by coffee can stain teeth, it is advised that people who consume a lot of this drink try to do so in moderation and to take it by rinsing the mouth with water. This to dispose of those residues left by this substance that can affect the natural color of the tooth.

Similarly, the effects of coffee can be minimized if consumed with a percentage of milk. Recent studies have determined that if you drink coffee with milk, your teeth are less likely to stain. This is because the milk contains proteins that adhere to the substances in the coffee, causing no pigmentation in the teeth.

Try to avoid purple foods and drinks

Foods and beverages that have this particular color tend to contain tannins, which is an element that, despite having health benefits, leave on the surface of the teeth a cover very difficult to remove. If the person ingests this type of food, it is very complicated that the stains left can be removed easily, so it will be necessary to turn to a specialist to do so.

  • Blueberries, cherries, grapes, pomegranates, and this type of fruit is recommended to be consumed in moderation, as the tannins they contain are firm. After consuming this type of food, it is advisable to clean your teeth.
  • Drinks such as red wine are best avoided. This is mainly because not only do they stain teeth but also because they contain alcohol, which can cause more severe damage.

Remember that many pigments can dye teeth like those that have a solid color, such as red, yellow, or green, so it is essential to avoid consuming products with a high content of these pigments. The dental cleaning plays a significant role, the reason why this step must be continuously done to prevent stains in the teeth. If the case is already severe and the teeth present more significant problems, the use of veneers Tijuana will be recommended.