How to dress if you are short and chubby

It has always been said that nobody is happy with what he has or with what he looks like: the wavy ones want to be lacy and the laces, wavy; White wants to be brunette, and brunette, white; the high, low and low, high; and the most common, fat skinny and skinny, fat … In conclusion, we are not 100% satisfied with our bodies. If your teeth are white and cute you’ll feel just as good as being tall and thin, that’s why you have to go with your dentist in Tijuana Mexico.


My best friend is short and chubby, and sometimes it is a little complicated when we go shopping, since finding clothes that fit well is a real issue. The world seems to revolve around thin women, although we have to admit, we, that it seems that the gorditas, many times, we are happier than them.


However, I know that it is often difficult to find perfect clothes for fat people. If you are chubby and short, do not worry, I’ll give you some tips on how to dress to continue seeing you regal.


Some tips for chubby

Highlight a part of your body:

If you look at your body, you should realize that there is always something you can highlight: your breasts or your legs are a good option. Take the juice to these areas, keeping in mind that you should not exaggerate, you must also improve your position to be able to show them off better.


Princess cut:

If you are looking for a more elegant style, you can opt for dresses, however, I recommend you wear short dresses with princess cut; the first, because it will make you look taller and the second, because it will hide those little rolls of more that you want to hide and stylize your figure.


As for pants:
These should not have the shot either too low or too hip. The pants must be between the low and high hips. Say goodbye to skinny pants or palazos, these make you look formless; On the contrary, you can use those with a straight boot, that is, not too tight or too wide on the legs.


Heeled shoes:

These should be elegant and delicate, do not use those that have a platform or those that have bulky sizes, since the only thing you will achieve is that you widen the proportions of your body. Say goodbye to tight clothing: remember that what we want is to hide those little rolls and not see ourselves tight.