Liposculpture to get rid of fat

Liposculpture is part of plastic surgery in Tijuana, it consists in a treatment that increasingly gets more demand, undergoes this surgery involves removing fat faster than in a gym and is located mainly between the skin and muscle.

The extraction of the fat is done with a cannula, and through an incision from where it will be worked.

Why liposuction? Because it is due to an intervention that revitalizes areas in which the fat is not removed with workout, it is usually little and with the liposculpture, it allows mold and achieves that desired result.

Easy to recover, less than three weeks and the results are relatively immediate.

The main achievements, eliminates excess fat, gives volume to the rest of the areas, molds and reduces cellulite.

Almost a month later the results can already be seen, for this, we must complement it with proper nutrition, a special diet so that what is achieved in the intervention is maintained.

There may be risks such as bleeding, infections, clots or a delay in healing. Unwanted consequences, but quite common in these interventions similar to liposuction.

The surgical intervention consists of an incision of half a centimeter, where by means of cannula the fat is aspired in the previously located areas and where it is also molded. Then it is prepared to enter as injections that will take care of giving volume to glutes, calves and legs.

Because the entire intervention is based on small incisions, these will not look like other operations.

Passing the postoperative period can be a bit painful, sensations that can be alleviated with analgesics or drugs prescribed explicitly for this type of intervention, in the case that pain is a little more intense.

In the days following the operation, it is very common to start observing fluid that will come out through the pores, this is a surplus of the intervention. It should not alarm you it is normal and, although its appearance presents similar characteristics to the blood, it is scarcely pink and in very little quantity.

By the second day your life will begin to normalize, and after a week the pains will fade accompanied by the healing process that will end around three weeks.

After putting the body in these weeks, you can see those expected results after three weeks.

The side effects of the surgery are usual until you reach total healing, uncomfortable positions, and pains that may extend for two weeks. Expected are also scars, bruises, and some swelling depending on the area worked.

The most important thing is that no professional can guarantee the effects and results for which you waited, the truth is that the end will be fulfilled: improve your silhouette although in some cases the results may take more time to check.

Because liposculpture cannot stretch the skin in any area that requires it, it is necessary to know that it is not recommended in skins that are somewhat aged, have too much cellulite or are markedly overweight.

The risk of a liposculpture is as with other operations, so it is essential that you take your time to decide, make a formal and consistent consultation with the professional who deserves your trust.