Most Popular Types of Plastic Surgery Tijuana

Plastic surgery Tijuana is continuously enjoying a rise in demand and popularity every year. This boom in fame is probably because both women and men now undergo these procedures.

Take a look at the following types of plastic surgery that are common today:

Breast Augmentation 

Surgical breast enlargement in women is one of the enormously popular cosmetic surgery procedures right now. This is performed for various reasons, such as enlarging both breasts, replacing an absent breast, or giving an equal size to asymmetrical breasts. Other women would undergo this surgery if their breasts didn’t develop well during puberty or known as congenital macromastia.


The main purpose of rhinoplasty or a nose job is to make it balanced with other parts of the face. The plastic surgeon may decrease the nose’s overall size or refine its areas to achieve a more attractive appearance. There are some instances when this type of plastic surgery Tijuana helps improve a patient’s breathing, like in the case of deviated septum. 


Liposuction has two types. In this surgical procedure, fat is suctioned from precise body parts in creating a slimmer and shapelier silhouette. 

The most prevalent form of all liposuction is the tumescent liposuction. Here, a saline solution, a numbing agent, and a drug that constricts blood vessels are infused to the treatment area. This liquid, together with fat gets suctioned out of the patient’s body with the use of tiny hollow instruments made from a metal called cannulas. This liquid infusion can result in short-term retention of fluid that decreases in the next several days. 

The second type is UAL or Ultrasonic- Assisted Liposuction. Here, ultrasonic energy is released from the cannula to melt fat for easy suctioning out of the patient’s body. More risks are associated with UAL compared to tumescent liposuction such as the risks of external and internal burns as well as a longer surgery. 


Abdominoplasty, or also called lower body lift or tummy tuck, eliminates excess skin found on the abdominal region and tightens the remaining skin. 

This is a popular surgery mainly among ladies with excess skin after pregnancy or after significant weight loss because of bariatric surgery. The best candidate for this procedure is someone with excess skin that hangs from the abdomen and someone without excess deposits of fat in the abdomen that should be removed. 


Blepharoplasty or eyelid reshaping surgery can be performed to improve a patient’s vision if the eyelid obstructs vision or for cosmetic purposes. Too much sagging of the skin or presence of skin can impair vision and result in an aged appearance.

Lower eyelids suffering from chronic wrinkling or puffiness are usually reduced during this form of plastic surgery Tijuana to achieve a younger-looking appearance. Fat pads below the eyes that make bags appear are also removed as needed during this procedure. 

Breast Reduction

This is a form of plastic surgery Tijuana that insurance pays for regularly since its benefits are more than just a mere improvement in appearance. Women with overly large or very heavy breasts usually find it hard to look for clothes that fit and suffer from poor posture and chronic back pain. This surgery reduces both the weight and size of the breasts to improve posture and relieve back pain.