Style Rules For This 2018

I know we are already in 2018, but the most beautiful and ad hoc clothing is just coming out to the stations. What style do you need to adopt that year? It’s easy, recycle a bit and buy what you’ll find in rebates. Although what we like most to women is to be fashionable we also have to worry about all the other details that will make our outfit the best, for example, a very well-groomed hair, a radiant skin, an impeccable make-up, and shining teeth, for the last thing you can go with your dentist Dr. Mexico.

Something simple: This year will be simplicity and elegance. Use white, black and blue to create abundance, but simplicity by itself is practically perfect. Sometimes you will not even have to carry accessories, textures or any other type of accessories. With a black dress and flats, what can go wrong?
Two layers: Experiment with two tops to see how it is. Combine a jacket with a jacket in this cold season and some socks with boots. Although the layers are hot, you will notice that you can also take advantage of them in the hot and humid weather.
How about an app? The Closet Love app is the new trend. It has many features, but the most popular and we recommend is the ‘Style me,’ which will make you take pictures of your clothes and accessories and, by itself, will offer you the best combinations.
Copy the celebs: Do you love Taylor Swift? Well, look it up on Pinterest and shoot her best looks. If you have a completely different body than Taylor, why don’t you get inspired by other celebrities? You may not love your work, but we assure you that at least they know how to dress well.
Black never fails: Sometimes you will be confused by ALL of your options. But when you doubt more, choose black. It is the most reliable, versatile and safe color, so you will NEVER fail with the absence of color. And no matter what kind of body you have, this tone can work miracles with your proportions.
Bright accessories: Combine your dresses with some colorful jewelry. If you do not want to invest in clothes, it is essential that you at least add to the accessories. It will seem a lie, but a bag, a necklace or even a pair of shoes, could change a ‘look’ completely.
Seasons: Regardless of the trends that exist nowadays, it is crucial that you pay attention to the seasons. If we are in the spring, but it is cold with a demon, give priority to your health and comfort instead of your image and reputation.