Techniques To Shape Our Nose

One of the most important and prominent parts of the face is definitely the nose, so people are always looking to have a nose that is within established beauty standards, and there are a lot of procedures that can be done to achieve perfection in this area, as are: certain utensils that are used to profile the nose, makeup and nose surgery tijuana.

In this case, makeup can be one of our best allies because by playing with shadows and light, we can visually obtain the results we desire. There are many types of the nose, so first we must know which is our type so that later we can transform it correctly.

Wide nose

It is one of the most common, so this technique can be used by people who want to eliminate the width of this, so we will play with dark and light colors to get a profiled nose.

With the help of a corrector, shadow or makeup base two shades darker than the skin and with a brush, we will take a little of the product and will draw two parallel lines that will go from the beginning of the eyebrow to the end of the nose, these lines will connect at the tip of the nose.

With the light tone, in any presentation, will be placed right on the bridge of the nose. The combination of these two contrasts will cause that visually the nose is not so wide. It is important to blur all the strokes with a sponge or brush and seal with translucent powder.

Large nose

They are usually very fine, so the combination of these two doesn’t please many people, so they choose to make with makeup the opposite, a shorter nose.

Just like the previous type, we will use light and dark tones. We will begin with the application of the tone of the base, the one that we usually use, after this step we will trace two lines in the sides of the nose, this with the use of a lighter tone to the one of the tones of the skin. This will make the nose look wider as the light will reflect off this part.

A minimum amount of darker concealer can be placed at the tip of the nose to make it look smaller. Always remember to blur.

Small nose

For this type of structure, the same shading technique can be used on the sides, but this is where the lighter tones of the face play an important role. Since a larger nose is desired, this type of shading will be used at the bridge of the nose and the tip.

Crooked nose

It is the one that causes more noise to us so we will seek to eliminate this appearance. We recommend you to avoid illuminating the area where the sprain is. Dark colors will be used to hide those imperfections. Injuries or lumps usually appear on the sides of the nose so these tones will be used in this area. Those areas, such as the tip of the nose should be highlighted.

We must always blur the areas where the contour method was performed so that it can be seen as natural as possible since this is what we are looking for: to correct those imperfections and highlight the parts we like the most. Don’t despair if at the beginning it doesn’t fit as you expected. It’s a question of perfecting the technique so that each time it looks as natural as possible.