The Best Destinations To Take Pictures

Photography is an art that will always be linked to the world of travel. It is normal that sometimes you do not have enough money to go on vacation and decide to go to Rosarito with a house for rent in baja mexico,  It is still a good choice of photographs for its landscapes and beaches.

A snapshot of our journey becomes the physical test of the most lasting memory, although it is good to take into account some of the best destinations to take photographs, those in which a series of factors will benefit the perfect execution of this art: picturesque places , friendly locals, a quiet atmosphere and, especially, the most skillful eye behind the goal.


Many have described their trip to the Caribbean island as “a particular trip through time”. Such an experience can not be rejected by any photographer who travels to a Cuba that offers multiple combinations: typical cars of the 50s under bright flags, eroded colored streets full of colonial monuments, a child playing in front of a mural by Che or a group of locals that watch life go by while being photographed in a friendly way. Regarding its natural wonders,

Hebrides (Scotland)

Following the tonic of Cuba, we move to another relaxed enclave, a quality sometimes necessary to take good photographs. The Scottish Hebrides Islands embrace the Atlantic from a lost position where all sorts of amazing shapes and places sprout: from the megalithic of the Stones of Callanish to a sunset behind the lighthouse and fishing villages of Skye, or crystalline beaches that, on occasion, they reveal the sighting of whales or dolphins.

Gran Barrera de Coral (Australia)

En este artículo no nos olvidamos de la fotografía acuática, la cual comenzó su particular auge tras la aparición de las primeras cámaras hace más de diez años. Si bien se presentan algunos obstáculos diferentes a la fotografía en tierra, los trucos consisten  en acercarse lo máximo posible, encender el flash y que las aguas sean lo suficiente cristalinas. Tres requisitos que podemos cumplir bajo las aguas de la Gran Barrera de Coral que recorre la costa este de Australia.

The qualities that define these best destinations to take photographs are due to its varied scenarios, a relaxed atmosphere, the possibility of perfect panoramas or places that, in one way or another, are worthy of being photographed once in a lifetime. However, each traveler can find their own destiny, technique or moment to capture the essence of our experience for all eternity.