The Importance Of Post-Surgical Massage

People who decide to undergo any surgery should understand that the results are not based solely on the surgical intervention, but that much depends on what is done after this treatment. It is here where one of the most popular aesthetic procedures takes strength. We refer to the postoperative massages, where the professional will make movements that will allow the person to improve the appearance of their surgery.

Specifically, the massage is focused on the lymph area, where toxins are deposited that may impair the wound recovery process. Lymphatic drainage allows the body to have a better recovery and faster, this with the aim of the result of surgery is the desired. Because it is a manipulation or invasion towards the organism, it is normal for the body to react and become inflamed or there are edemas, so the massage will help these side effects disappear. Another benefit obtained with these massages is to help the healing is carried out quickly, trying not to leave any scar on the skin.

Before treatment is performed, the person performing the massage must be aware of the surgeon’s instructions. This is why many clinics that offer surgeries such as tummy tuck in Tijuana have a massage area. The doctor needs to provide the masseur with the necessary information about the patient’s medications or problems. These issues can significantly influence the procedure, causing significant difficulties.

People should keep in mind that post-surgical massages are not part of the recommendations, but are part of the patient’s recovery treatment. This type of procedures can be indicated from the first 24 hours to five days after surgery. The massages must be made once given the order of the same surgeon, not before or after. On the other hand, the patient must take into account that the performance of the massages is necessary so that they can quickly incorporate into their daily activities.

Two types of post-surgical massages can be performed: manual and assisted massages. The first are those used in the area where the surgery was performed. This massage cannot be carried out immediately after the surgery; it is necessary to wait until the doctor indicates it since they are movements that are executed on the skin. The movements must be very light, and in specific areas where the lymph can be deposited. The person who will practice the massage must be someone who has knowledge about the anatomy of the body, and who has a profession or specialization in that type of treatment.

Assisted lymphatic drainage is accompanied by apparatus, instruments such as ultrasound can be used to help the tissue heal, as well as improve the movements of the lymph. Let’s remember that the apparatuses have the facility to work internally so that later the results are visualized of external form.

Regardless of the type of surgery, the surgeon must indicate within the treatment of the use of massages so that the healing is done quickly and most healthily. Therefore, the person who performs the treatment must be an individual who is dedicated to this type of massage. This is vital because they have adequate knowledge about the amount of pressure they can perform, the movements and where the lymph should be deposited. If the person does not have any specialization in this massage, it is recommended that it is not carried out.