What You Should Know About Your Skin

The skin is the organ that is in the external part of us and it is the surface that embraces more space since it covers the internal part of the organism; it is the one that gives us our physical appearance. Among the functions that the skin has, the main one is to protect the organism from the external environment and from substances that can damage the functionality of the internal parts of the body. In addition to serving as a barrier function, it maintains the interior temperature, absorbs nutrients and eliminates substances that are toxic to the body and purifies through its pores, pollutants or harmful microorganisms.

Even though it allows us protection, this organ tends to get sick or to generate affections, so it is necessary always to have the advice of a specialist who, in this case, is a dermatologist. These skin professionals are in charge of analyzing and treating diseases that concern the skin, hair and nails; for this reason, they play a significant role in the health of the whole organism, as well as in the physical appearance of the person. Let’s emphasize that the physical is very important today, because it is our letter of introduction, for that reason, many people go to dermatological treatments or undergo a cosmetic surgery Tijuana. With the purpose of beautifying their appearance.

Due to the functionality of the skin, special care is needed, with the aim of strengthening the body’s defenses. It is therefore recommended that people drink water to keep the body hydrated and eliminate toxins; eat a balanced diet to maintain the elasticity and collagen of the skin. Avoid sun exposure because free radicals are produced that affect cells and therefore the skin will look like aging, just as it can cause skin cancer; don’t smoke to avoid toxin production and premature aging and last but not least, pamper the skin to enrich it with nutrients.

One of the ways to keep the skin as healthy and beautiful as possible, is through the use of unique products that aim to improve the appearance of the skin. One of the most common treatments that not only beautifies the skin, but also fills it with nutrients are masks, serums and creams. This is because they offer nutrients lacking and exert active ingredients that allow for greater protection.

The correct use of active ingredients can help in conditions such as cellulite and skin thinning, reduce the progress of wrinkles, can allow improved circulation, reduce sebaceous secretion, depigmenting, tanning the skin in a safe way, help the healing of the skin, reduce inflammation in certain areas, to moisturize and moisturize, among others.  Although the skin is a resistant organism, it is always necessary to help it with external and internal products so that there is no weakening of its functions. By doing this, the health of the skin will increase and therefore, the appearance of the skin will look healthier and younger.

The fact of strengthening the skin will also allow the surgeon to have better management of the skin at the time of aesthetic treatments. Finally, it is important that, along with all the procedures and a balanced diet and the correct hygiene of the skin, the individual performs constant exercise so that the toxins are discarded through sweat and thus achieve a balance in the functions of the organism.