Why people travel on vacation to Baja California

Being a world-recognized destination for diverse characteristics, the commercial sector of the border of Baja California expects positive results on the occasion of the Easter holidays and the summer vacations according to the behavior of other festivities in this year in which the tourist affluence has rebounded.

The vice president of Tourism of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services, and Tourism of Tijuana, recalled that these dates are used to travel to various places and tourist attractions of the entity.

He recalled that in particular, Tijuana is a famous destination, since it is a city inserted in a region with a pleasant climate, in addition to the strategic geographical location in which it is located. He recalled that there are, among other attractions, its cuisine, medical services from Mexico dental with Brio Dental to plastic surgeries, in addition to the forecast for this holiday season that begins this week, every day will be pleasant and sunny.

The president of the touristic merchants of the Avenida Revolución mentioned that whole families tend to travel, visit relatives, attend to the doctor and look for recreational spaces, in general, seek to enjoy the best vacations without spending the fortune they would pay in other countries.

In Baja California, you can enjoy luxurious hotels, if you wish, or if you have an adventurous spirit, there are several campsites or hostels next to the beach for surfing or other water activities. Even in the food, you can also find luxurious restaurants such as the best chefs in the country but you can also enjoy the best tacos of your life in a traveling stall, that diverse is Baja California.

Also for those who preserve the faith, take the opportunity to visit the different religious centers that exist on this border.

He added that in terms of security, the sector has been working in coordination with the various public security agencies, which have increased the number of elements for the protection of tourist areas.