Why Should You Stop Smoking?

For many years there has been the talk of all the problems involved in people who usually smoke, issues that are reflected at the level of health, social and personal. Still, in this article, we will mention the benefits you get from quitting this habit that harms health.

From the first day of quitting, there can be significant changes for the person, mainly in health, so various organizations have been implementing methods of prevention and help to eliminate the cigar from their lives. This is due to the increase in cases related to lung and mouth cancer.

What if we stop smoking?

Lowers the risk of heart disease

Since when we smoke, we inhale air that is not pure and is full of nicotine, both the heart and the lungs suffer simultaneously; this is because these two systems work similarly. So the cells that work in these two parts suffer injuries because they contain toxins and substances that damage them.

By quitting smoking, the chances of developing diseases such as cancer are reduced, the joint tends to improve significantly and there is an improvement in health. It is essential to clarify that this will depend a lot on the time of consumption. That is, if the person has been smoking from an early age as adolescence, the damage to the body will be irreversible. Although quitting smoking will not make the diseases caused by smoking disappear, there will indeed be a much slower progression, to the extent that it can stop its growth.

Improve defenses

Many people who quit smoking tend to find themselves in confusion because they say that after leaving, they feel weaker and less protected, but this is only a matter of perception. Although they may feel this way, people who smoke get sick faster and more often, this is because their defenses are low. On the contrary, those who give up smoking are progressively strengthening their defenses, so there will no longer be the presence of diseases so often.

There is more perception of flavors

Due to the toxins and nicotine contained in the cigar, the taste buds suffer injuries and damage where the knowledge of taste is modified. Also, another part that is affected and has a connection or plays a vital role in damage to the papillae is the nose. This is because, when inhaling the smoke, it travels through the septum, causing a kind of numbness or sensitivity in the pituitary gland. This makes it impossible to perceive smells correctly and, therefore, there are alterations in the sense of taste.

When giving up the cigarette, there is a quick recovery of taste, so it will be an enjoyable experience for the ex-smoker, return to perceive flavors that previously could not.

A more cared for and beautiful appearance

The smoke caused by the cigarette prevents parts of the body, such as the skin, nails, and hair can be adequately oxygenated, so the presence of these parts is dulling. It can be said that they suffer an intoxication and an obstruction in which these areas cannot be generated correctly. Similarly, the appearance of teeth can change; of course, you need a little help from a dentist in Tijuana to make the change even more significant. Once the cigarette has been put aside, the person’s appearance changes, so he or she will acquire a much healthier appearance.